Our Most Popular Repairs

11 July 2013
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11 July 2013, Comments: 0

Laptop Screens

Some of the more commonplace repairs we do are replacing broken laptop screens and replacing dead or dying hard drives. Some people are just brutal with their laptops… they bang them around, leave them out for small children or animals to damage, and even pick them up by the screen with their thumb and index finger. These are all ways that your LCD screen can easily be damaged. Fortunately it’s typically an easy repair. It takes longer to order the screen than it does to replace it.

Hard Drives

A dead hard drive can be a real bummer. You hate to lose all that data that you never bothered to back up. Fortunately we have very good data recovery software and can often retrieve lost data when it seems like it’s gone forever. Then we simply pop a new hard drive in your computer, load up Windows with all the drivers and updates and it’s like brand new! Don’t spend $800 on a computer when you can get your old one up and running for a fraction of the price.

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